I Love Steampunk

I love steampunk

I love steampunk for many reasons, too many in fact to write about in this here internet but allow me if you will to give you a brief understanding of why I love steampunk, perhaps you also will align with many of the reasons within. I love steampunk because of the amazing costumes, there’s something so glamorous about the Victorian era’s fashion sense especially compared to the boring mass produced advertising clothing we are used to now.
Top hat and tails, waistcoats and corsets, it all leads to a great sense of being at your best, the famous saying applies here that if you look good you feel good.

I love steampunk

I also love the creativity of everything involved, from the hand sewn dresses to the brass gadgets painstakingly crafted from reused items and junk.
Every steampunk seems to be able to dream up unique designs and contraptions that no one else had thought of, allowing for thousands of ideas all mixed together to create the whole ideal of steampunk.
I love the polite splendour and manners, it leaves a warm feeling inside when a stranger tips their hat and bids you a good morning, or when someone stops to announce how much they love your steampunk costume. It can be quite difficult going back to the modern usual of people who barely acknowledge your existence unless they plan on selling you something.
The polite conversation and general belief of inclusion is what I love about steampunk, no matter who you are or your social standing you are treated with respect and I believe this is something that modern society is sorely lacking.

I love steampunk

I love steampunk music as the lyrics tend to be about clockwork mechanisms and tea, instead of money. The artists always tend to have an air of humour about them and none of the self-catering vanity which plagues most in the music industry.
I love the steampunk festivals where you are surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people all there purely to have a good time and not take life so seriously for a little while, many a friend can be found amongst steampunks who are more than happy to stand and chat about everything steam powered and beyond.

The festivals bring a great sense of belonging, seeing so many people who just want to bring joy and laughter to the world is a truly satisfying thing. When humanity is free from the fear of embarrassment you find the most wonder and freedom is released, many people who suffer from anxiety especially social anxiety find comfort in steampunk settings due to the good nature and general safety of being around steampunks.
I love the humour, rare is it to find a steampunk who doesnt share a beautifully eccentric mind and a great sense of humour. The ability to not take oneself too seriously is an often found trait of steampunks. This creates such a free and warm atmosphere.
I love steampunk because it brings out the best in us, to aspire to be greater than we are. To learn, create, love and respect, it is the glorification of the past while improving the future.
And you dearest reader do you love steampunk?




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